How to Accept your Offer

Congratulations on receiving an offer in the course of your choice at Navitas at UMass Dartmouth.

To accept your offer and to find out about commencing classes complete the following steps:

Step 1: Understanding your Letter of Offer

Your Letter of Offer outlines the:

  • Navitas at UMass Dartmouth course that has been offered
  • duration of the course(s)
  • commencement date(s)
  • tuition fee(s)
  • condition of the offer (there will always be the condition of, Official Approval of your Offer by UMass Dartmouth, this is lifted once the administrative fee is paid)

STEP 2: Securing the I-20

To accept your offer, please pay the fees as per your letter of offer. Payments may be made online by credit card (excluding American Express) or by wire transfer. Visit this link to pay online. For other payment options, please see details on the how to secure your placement document. This fee must be paid before UMass Dartmouth can issue your I-20 form and formal letter of admission.

All documents can be sent via email. However, once the visa is approved, a certified copy or original copy of transcripts and bank statements must be provided.

Once all documents have been received via email, your I-20 and formal letter of admission can be issued.

STEP 3: Organizing your Visa Interview

Once your I-20 is approved the SEVIS Code and School code will be sent via email so that a visa appointment can be booked in anticipation of receiving the I-20 in the mail. You will receive the official acceptance letter accompanied by your I-20 form, health forms, a housing form, and other supporting information within a few days. Schedule an appointment with the US Embassy or Consulate in your home country to apply for your F-1 visa though the US Embassy or Consulate website. Allow sufficient time for your visa to be issued before your program begins -- this timeframe may vary from country to country.

STEP 4: After you receive your F-1 visa

Once you receive your F-1 visa, organize your travel, book your accommodation, and arrange your airport pickup with the student support officer, you will need to email completed health forms, housing form (if required), and other supporting information.

Within 21 days of receiving the visa, you must make the following payments to Navitas at UMass Dartmouth:

  • 50 percent of tuition fees for the first year's study
  • required accommodation fees
  • any additional student fees required by the university

Tuition and other fees may be paid by credit card (excluding American Express) or wire transfer, please see details on the How to secure your placement document

Navitas at UMass Dartmouth will assist you with registration and other pre-arrival details, which includes information about the compulsory Orientation and Enrollment program.

STEP 5: Attend Orientation and Enrollment and commence study

Congratulations, you are just about ready to start your Navitas at UMass Dartmouth course. Your first day at Navitas at UMass will begin on arrival day. It is compulsory for all students to attend Orientation and Enrollment. For information about the program go to Orientation and Enrollment.