UPP: Visual and Performing Arts

The Undergraduate Pathway Program (UPP) consists of for-credit courses, which will earn credits towards your UMass Dartmouth bachelor's degree, along with support classes to assist your successful study. The UPP provides you with the appropriate platform to be successful in your UMass Dartmouth degree. Students in the UPP program will live and take classes on the Dartmouth campus.

The UPP provides you with the appropriate platform to be successful in your UMass Dartmouth degree. The College of Visual & Performing Arts (CVPA) classes will help you develop and showcase your talent. It’s a tight-knit community of artists, scholars, and musicians working together to inspire and breed creativity. You’ll work in studios with equipment that enables you to realize your imagination.

Your direct pathway to UMass Dartmouth

High School

Enter year 2 @ University of Massachusetts Dartmouth


Year Cost Duration


$27,000 per year*

2 or 3 Semesters

*estimate only



Two to three semesters

Semester start dates

Summer: May 24, 2017

Fall: August 29, 2017

Spring: January 17, 2018

UPP program components
Semester 1 - Sample Course title Credits

ALC 100

American Language & Cultures


NAV 098

Integrated University Learning Skills


MUS 101

Introduction to Music


SOA 101

Introduction to Sociology


Total credits


Semester 2 - Sample Course title Credits

ENL 101

Critical Reading & Writing I


FOU 140

Digital Essential


CHM 130

Chemistry and the Environment


PHL 110

Principals of Critical Thinking


Total credits


Semester 3 - Sample Course title Credits

ENL 102

Critical Reading & Writing II


FOU 120

2D Form & Surface: 2D Workshop


MLS 106

Contemporary Topics in Human Ecology


HST 103

World History


Total credits


Total program credits 27
Program Information

Credit hours :

UPP credit hours applied to degree : 27-30

Remaining credit hours to complete degree program: 90-93

Progression requirement:

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or greater


Courese information:

  • Please note that these are example course listings and actual student schedules are subject to vary based on semester course offerings, program start term, and student' English proficiency upon entry and academic progress throughout the program.

  • The majority of courses offered during the Undergraduate Pathway Program fullfill general education requirements as part of the UMass Dartmouth University Studies curriculum, which all undergraduate students are required to complete, regardless of major/chosen study concentration.

Entry into 2nd year of

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education
  • Bachelor of Arts in Art History
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Artisanry
    • Ceramics
    • Jewelry/Metals
    • Textile Design/Fiber Arts
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting/2D Studies
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture/3D Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Design
    • Digital Media
    • Graphic Design
    • Illustration
    • Photography

Popular Careers for Graduates

  • Animator
  • Artist
  • Art Critic
  • Art Teacher
  • Curator
  • Fashion Designer
  • Gaming Technologist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Jewelry Designer
  • Musician
  • Performer